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Nicholson Ranch Commitment

Aerial View of Nicholson

A Commitment to Quality

Nicholson Ranch is committed to producing the highest quality wines possible, continuing a tradition of warm and gracious hospitality, and maintaining the health and vitality of a beautiful setting and natural habitat. Situated on 40 windswept, gorgeous acres midway between Sonoma and Napa, the Ranch bears prime grape-growing soils, unique gravity-flow winemaking facilities and a delightful sense of adventure. A visit to Nicholson Ranch will always feature exquisite views and exceptional wines, along with the opportunity for cave tours, art exhibits and gourmet food events.

Viticultural Philosophy

Harvest at Nicholson Ranch Nicholson Ranch has a commitment to maintain the health and fertility of the land by using sustainable farming practices. To this end, predominantly natural and organic methods of vineyard management are employed. Rather than spraying insecticides, Nicholson Ranch prefers to work with Nature—the natural rhythms of the Earth—by encouraging raptors, snakes, owls and beneficial insects to thrive. Only modest amounts of sulfur and weed-control agents are applied, taking the utmost care each step of the way. Special compost made of grape humus and goat droppings is spread under the vines. Employing deficit irrigation, or dry farming, has resulted in optimal concentration of the Nicholson Ranch Pinot Noir. Most vines are cane-pruned according to individual strength and the vigor of each site in order to achieve optimum balance. Finally, the grapes are picked in small lots allowing them to be harvested at perfect ripeness.

Winemaking Philosophy

Nicholson Ranch strives to produce wines that have true varietal character and are an expression of the soil from which the fruit is grown. This requires great attention to the farming process and minimal intervention during the winemaking process. The majority of Nicholson Ranch wines are made from the estate-grown grapes.

Barrels in the CaveThe unique five-level, gravity-flow winery allows for the gentlest handling of the very delicate Pinot Noir grapes, and has proved useful with the Syrah and Chardonnay wines as well. Merlot is also grown and made on the site, but is not quite as delicate as the other varietals.